Invest in your self by investing in an Ozwood Productions

Interested in investing in a blockbuster movie? Find out how by emailing us at Invest@ozwoodentertainment.com , we will contact and discuss with you the complete process. Each movie we make has a particular plan that suits a large number of investors. Our egg basket plan offers you the opportunity to invest in a pool of movies with other investors, where your investment is spread across a whole line of our films, giving you a return for each production included in the investment bundled. Let us share with you what the movie industry, Ozwood and our partners have to offer.

Our investors in a way become our partners, they get first opportunity to invest in our future projects, well before we put it out to the market, Ozwood Entertainment does not only invests in entertainment, talent, great and unique stories, but also in her people, associate and partners, you as one of our many investors, are also apart of the Ozwood Entertainment family.